We should discuss if we need Paymail

Some of the problems

Sometimes you need to work on something and see how it lays out, before you realise you have problems. This was the case with Paymail. I didn’t realise that I wasn’t happy with including it into ElectrumSV until I had implemented it and considered how I (and any other user) would use it.

Examining Paymail

No-one asks if Paymail is adding anything or whether it just limits us and prevents us from using better solutions. This is the first thing we should ask about Paymail before we adopt it.

Without Paymail how would we do it?

This is the key question. And if there is a valid use for Paymail we would benefit from looking at all the use cases and examining whether Paymail adds anything, is required at all and whether it just complicates things.

Summing up

Maybe Paymail is the best thing to happen to Bitcoin SV. Maybe the people who suggest we should feature it front and center are right. But we should at least examine whether it is a wrong path. There is no-one asking why are we using Paymail and what does it really add! If I were adopting a technology as the core of my business, investing money, I would want to be able to at least see that discussion and where the detractors had the flaws in the arguments pointed out to them.



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