Understanding coin-splitting

  1. Why your coins need to be split.
  2. If you can visually tell whether your coins are split.
  3. What it means when you look at your wallet after using the ElectrumSV coin-splitting feature.

The starting point

You had some Bitcoin Cash before the blockchain forked into Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC in November 2018. You have the coins in your ElectrumSV wallet and want to be able to use it to safely spend the Bitcoin SV shown there. But you’ve heard you need to split them first, but what does it mean?

If you spend one, it spends the other

If your coins are not split, and you make a payment on one of these blockchains, the same payment is valid on the other blockchain. While you may only be making the payment in ElectrumSV on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, it will almost certainly occur on Bitcoin Cash ABC as well. Someone will send it to the Bitcoin Cash ABC blockchain.

How can I tell if my coins are split?

It’s too complicated.

Can I at least know if a transaction is on one chain?

If for example you believe you have split your wallet, and it should be Bitcoin SV only, but you receive a new payment and have reason to believe that new payment might be on both chains — how can you check?

The new transaction.
The “Details” context menu option.
Obtaining the “Transaction ID”.

What do I see once I have split my Bitcoin SV?

So you use the ElectrumSV coin-splitting functionality to split all the coins in your wallet on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, and you see two automatically labelled transactions in your payment history. What do they mean?

A successful split.
The faucet dust.
The Bitcoin SV only transaction.

What if I lose track?

Let’s say you know you have received more payments since you split your coins, but are not sure whether they are split or not.



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