There is too much to do and not enough manpower. If someone wishes to do the work to help you and other users easily get multiple new addresses, then we’d welcome the help. But in the short term it is going to be harder, unfortunately. The keys in my account are ordered in terms of next available for use, so I’d just have to double click and copy on however many addresses i want for now. Or I could write some code in the console like:

>> from electrumsv.constants import RECEIVING_SUBPATH

>> [ account.get_script_template_for_id(key.keyinstance_id).to_string() for key in account.get_fresh_keys(RECEIVING_SUBPATH, 3) ]

[‘1NkdhSrh8hrgsZyGkotcgoAWvG85yPPp7N’, ‘1LadxUFFmk51XKbBNmuFsKaRLpaycaPXm5’, ‘1Q7qic94AA7KrXdWGwPHDgqawWGNqxWqa7’]

ElectrumSV developer

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