Notes on coin management

Your application

A user’s funds

Coin management


Unconfirmed transaction chain limit

Avoiding dust


BIP32, BIP44 and whitepaper 42


Some other stuff

Key reuse (formerly known as address reuse)

How Bitcoin Core does it

Wallets for users

Summing up


  1. BIP32, Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets,
  2. BIP44, Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets,
  3. Indexes On Expressions,,
  4. WP #0042, Secret Value Distributions v2,
  5. WP #0591, Token access chains and linked keys,
  6. Merge avoidance,
  7. Benford’s wallet,
  8. An Evaluation of Coin Selection Strategies,




ElectrumSV developer

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

ElectrumSV developer

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