Notes on adapting Paymail

An idealised Paymail integration

Replacing xpubs with shared secrets

  • Actual messages for the identity holder. These might be bundled with data the wallet can also process, if the message is part of an interactive form of communication.
  • Iteration on a payment channel which the two parties wallets are making use of an intuitive process to negotiate. There might be a variety of negotiations presented to the user in an abstract fashion.
  • A real-time process that includes the parties exchanging their internet addresses so that they can attempt to direct IP2IP communication. The messaging service can act as a fallback, in the worst case that neither can open a port or be accessed by some process like NAT traversal.
  • The initiating of contact by a new party, including some token fee to justify the recipient’s time, a message of some sort for the recipient’s eyes to engage their interest, and whatever else might be useful perhaps including a shared secret and bundled identity packet.

Considerations and layered alternatives

Indicating lack of DNSSEC support

Indicating unverifiable payment destinations

Indicating public key conflicts

Compliance with our onerous requirements

The mark of compliance

Supporting compliant hosts

Supporting non-compliant hosts

Final thoughts

A few of the many things left unresolved

  • How does the user obtain the identity packet of a contact, in order to add it to their wallet so that they can use it for communication with the identity’s Paymail host?
  • How does the wallet obtain updates for identities, should we need to know if the public key or even bundled data in the identity packet for a given identity has changed? Or in the event of a public key conflict, source the latest version of that packet.

Paymail — acceptable beats idealistic

Moving forward




ElectrumSV developer

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

ElectrumSV developer

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