Identity System UI exploration

The existing contact system

Making sure the “Contacts” tab is shown in your wallet.
Viewing the “Contacts” tab.
Adding a new contact in the “Contacts” tab via the context menu option.
Filling in the new contact popup for Alice’s soon to be created entry.
Paying to Alice from the “Contacts” tab.
How the “Send” tab appears for the payment to Alice as a contact.

The existing payment process

Paying to Alice and Bob via the “Contacts” tab context menu option.
Alice and Bob added into the “Send” tab as payees.
The UTXOs in this wallet, listed by the address, and sorted in order of decreasing value.
The “Send” tab shows a specific coin or UTXO we are spending.
The “Send” tab shows us sending a portion of the coin or UTXO to Bob and Alice.
How the coin or UTXO is spent viewed in the transaction preview dialog.
Specifying Alice gets what remains of the coin that not sent to Bob (or used for the fee).
How the coin or UTXO is spent viewed in the transaction preview dialog.
Typing a contact’s name in the “Pay to” area autocompletes.

Replacing the contact system

Adding Bob as a contact with his “OnChain” identity system identity.
Bob in the “Contacts” tab list of contacts.
Contacts displayed as contact cards.

Replacing the UI for the payment process

Everything has to change about this “Send” tab.
First pass at a payments tab.
Basic idea for a payment popup dialog.

Payee details

Least possible effort at styling a contact badge.
Another quick attempt at making a contact badge.

Payment details

Payment notes

Confirm tab

Status tab


  • Change the contact list to show contact cards. Look into filtering and sorting functionality, given that the table view will be gone.
  • Leave the “Send” tab as is, with no contact integration. It will be phased out in the development branch, as we work out how to do that and what parts of it to feature and hide.
  • Make a new “Payments” tab.
  • Add a “Make a payment” toolbar button.
  • Make a simple “Make a payment” popup dialog, and create a contact badge to feature there.
  • Fill the gaps with some “coming soon” and disabled bits and pieces, ready to be hooked up and linked in when the code is merged into the development branch. Stable branch users are going to have to either ignore them or find them tantalizing.
  • Add a “Profile” tab. It should be enabled by default. At a minimum it should allow an ElectrumSV user to register as a RyanPay identity, however that needs to be done. It was outside the scope of this document, so isn’t addressed above.
  • Oh, and of course, prepare to hook up RyanPay ASAP.




ElectrumSV developer

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

ElectrumSV developer

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