ElectrumSV Paymail Roadmap

Is it much further Papa Smurf?

The initial plan

When the news came that Paymail was going to be launched at CoinGeek Toronto, the plan was to try and get it done before then. We currently have two branches, our unstable development branch and our stable branch. The development for the Paymail feature was started in our stable branch, as the development one includes some more extensive changes I did not want to have to deal with in order to get Paymail out in the short-term.

Differences from other wallets

When people say, “I’m developing a Paymail host.” I ask them who is going to use it. You may wonder what I mean.

Finding the right address

The user interface work was pretty much done before the CoinGeek conference. I also implemented the core of the server infrastructure for the Paymail hosting ElectrumSV will provide. What wasn’t done, and what I decided couldn’t be done in the stable branch, was the work to integrate the addresses the Paymail host gives out, so that ElectrumSV can monitor them.

A wallet will contain a lot of accounts if the user wants.

So where does that leave us?

The roadmap to Paymail support at this time is:

  1. Refactor our wallet and key support to allow a wallet to contain multiple accounts and keys.
  2. When someone creates a Paymail identity in the ElectrumSV wallet, add it as a second account.
  3. Initially the user will copy the identity to give to the ElectrumSV Paymail host. They will paste it into a form on the website, and the host will parse it.
  4. Extend the ElectrumSV Paymail host to be production ready.
  5. Stabilise a release from the development branch.

What then?

We, the ElectrumSV developers, may not be offering Bitcoin SV Paymail hosting. We may however be offering testnet and scaling testnet Paymail hosting.



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