ElectrumSV Paymail Roadmap

Is it much further Papa Smurf?

The initial plan

Differences from other wallets

Finding the right address

A wallet will contain a lot of accounts if the user wants.

So where does that leave us?

  1. Refactor our wallet and key support to allow a wallet to contain multiple accounts and keys.
  2. When someone creates a Paymail identity in the ElectrumSV wallet, add it as a second account.
  3. Initially the user will copy the identity to give to the ElectrumSV Paymail host. They will paste it into a form on the website, and the host will parse it.
  4. Extend the ElectrumSV Paymail host to be production ready.
  5. Stabilise a release from the development branch.

What then?




ElectrumSV developer

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

ElectrumSV developer

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