ElectrumSV hosted services roadmap

Laying out the path

Exchangeable identity

It all revolves around identity keys, but we’re not going to build a system to catalogue identities on-chain, at least not in the first version. That’s a lot more work, and it’s better to choose an achievable starting point. So, let’s start with P2P identities. Your friend shares their identity with you, you share a friend of a friend’s identity with them. Go to someone’s web page and obtain their identity from that. Have them send it to you in your email. That’s good enough, and we can start from there.

Identity-based authentication/encryption

Once another party has your identity key, and you have theirs, then you can establish an authenticated encrypted channel between the two of you. This can be used for when ElectrumSV connects to a host that provides some of the services it needs, and even for two wallets to exchange messages. And the inter-wallet channel can even pass through the service channel.

Payment templates

The path forward for Paymail is delivery of a transaction to a recipient at their Paymail host. For hosted wallets like HandCash, Centbee and MoneyButton, they deliver all transactions to their users anyway, so this is more of the same. But for a standalone wallet like ElectrumSV, a transaction is just another message that they retrieve from their mailbox.

Hosted mailbox RPC API

This is going to be quite simple. Listing messages with paging. Ability to retrieve a message. Ability to delete a message. From there, it comes down to how we structure the messages. This is all done through the ElectrumSV to hosted service channel.

Posting messages

We can start with the hosted service receiving messages on a Paymail API.

ElectrumSV message handling

This will be integrating the already prototyped ElectrumSV to service host channel code. Then extending it with what format messages ElectrumSV will handle, and how it handles them.


Should someone be able to fill your mailbox with something resembling payments or messages? How do you prevent it? If the messages are encrypted and the mailbox host can’t identify noise from signal, then how can it prevent the noise from obscuring the signal? It might be argued that if the mailbox does not enforce payment in some way as part of receiving a message, then it is doing it wrong. The payment might be part to the service, part to the recipient and well.. the details can be worked out as we get there.

The roadmap

Order will change as appropriate.

Final thoughts

There’s nothing impossible on this list. It’s just a matter of time. If you want to discuss any of this, and potentially get involved, feel free to get in touch.


Web site and downloads

Official ElectrumSV web site: electrumsv.io
Official ElectrumSV web site downloads: electrumsv.io/download.html


If you need some assistance with something, please submit an issue at the following link. But please, fill out a template otherwise we will not have the information we need and you will have to wait longer for assistance.


You can reach us for discussion in one of two possible locations.



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