ElectrumSV 1.3.11

Roger Taylor
4 min readNov 29, 2020

This article covers the release of ElectrumSV 1.3.11, and some of the more important changes that have been made since ElectrumSV 1.3.10. Skip to the “What has changed in this release?” section to see what has changed, if that is what you are here for.

Do you need an introduction to how ElectrumSV works?

We have a selected range of guides to common tasks that our users may want to do in our documentation, please check it out.

Where can you download ElectrumSV?

The only safe downloads are available on: electrumsv.io

Where can you get help?

Find our issue tracker here where you can create a ticket. Fill out the issue template, please! Otherwise we have no idea what steps you took or any of the other details and then we have to spend time asking you them anyway and you get help much later. Fill out the template for your own sake, if not ours!

We do not provide support over Twitter or any other forms of social media. Not only is it not guaranteed we will see your comments, it is a very painful way to do support that we avoid. If you need support, submit an issue on our issue tracker. Or you can raise subjects of interest on Unwriter’s Slack, or the Metanet.ICU Slack.

If you are a MacOS user and cannot install/run our latest release, please read this article.

What has changed in this release?

The main changes in this release have been listed below. If you don’t want to know the details, just read the titles. If you want to find out about smaller fixes, you can check the release notes in the Github repository.

Latest Ledger updates require this latest ElectrumSV

The Ledger hardware wallet vendor released an update to their software that caused problems for users with Electrum Core, Electron Cash and of course ElectrumSV. Was it updates to the device firmware or to the Bitcoin Cash application on their device which Bitcoin SV users have to use? No idea, I do not care. It seems quite common these days that hardware wallet vendors will release breaking updates.

Users claimed they could not install earlier versions of Ledger software, which is not a good thing. ElectrumSV will do our best to try and help our users keep using their hardware wallets, but we are starting to see the point where these updates are making it impossible for us to do so. The inability to go back to earlier versions for Ledger devices means that we have to strongly warn our users that if they update their devices they do so at their own risk. Remember that any support ElectrumSV provides for these devices is for free, and that Ledger does not support Bitcoin SV.

Issues: #570
Commits: #1

Updated Trezor usage recommendations

In recent releases ElectrumSV added support for the changes to Trezor hardware wallets where now we provide the previous transactions to the Trezor device when signing. Every coin the transaction you are signing spends is from a transaction, and these are what we provide as the parent transactions. The Trezor device has a limit in how much data it can transfer of around 15 kilobytes, and if any parent transaction output is near or larger than this size, the Trezor device will choke.

It turns out that more than one user has received a payment to their Trezor hardware wallet with outputs that cause this problem. Any user who gets in this situation has two choices:

  • They can either enter their seed words and create a new wallet and spend the coins there, which removes the protection their hardware device is supposed to give.
  • They can revert their Trezor firmware and use the old firmware from before this problematic parent transaction change.

We have a problem solving article for Trezor users to read on this subject:

Issues: #572

Derivation paths are now visible for hardware wallet accounts

Sometimes users want to know what BIP39 derivation path their hardware wallet is using. This is now shown in the account information.

New derivation path entry.

Commits: #1

Loading transactions without accounts

There are many ways you can use ElectrumSV if you know what you are doing. You can use it in offline mode. You can perform actions even if there have not been any accounts added to a wallet, and in the case of this bug that is what the user did. They created an empty wallet and loaded a transaction.

Loading a transaction in an empty wallet.

Loading and broadcasting a transaction in an empty wallet uses code that had come to be tied to an account existing. This has now been rectified, and this should be possible again.

Issues: #576
Commits: #1

Other fixes

  • #567: Where importing invoices would error trying to show a file open dialog.
  • #571: Related to users doing actions related to hardware devices and closing the ElectrumSV UI before completing the action.

What changed before this release?