This article is intended to introduce the differences between ElectrumSV versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 to our users. The major changes will be introduced below, in order to give users an easy way to learn how they will make use of the new version. Anyone wanting to know what changes were included in 1.3.0, can read the previous article on the subject.

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What has changed in this release?

If you don’t want to know the details, just read the titles.

Affects anyone creating a new wallet by selecting an older one to overwrite.

We do not actually support this, but rather than showing an error message, it would actually error. Now it shows a “friendly error message”.

Overwriting existing files not supported at this time.

Thanks to the anonymous user from China who reported this error.

Issues: #376
Commits: #1

Affects people with presumably faster and better computers than me.

Some people were reporting that they were unable to migrate their wallets, and the common factor was they would do the extra work of selecting a wallet from the recently opened wallets list, and then clicking the “Open Selected Wallet” button. This would fail to properly select the wallet and engage the migration process with no selected wallet, which would error. Double clicking on the same wallet did not suffer from this problem, and works fine.

Button that was failing for presumably people with better computers than me!

Thanks to the dozens of people who reported this, and presumably have better computers than me. Thanks to bitcoinsteffen and Devar from Metanet.ICU slack who helped verify the problem and the fix respectively.

Issues: #380 #381
Commits: #1

Affects people who want to export all the private keys for this type of account, multi-signature accounts and others still.

Hardware wallets as a concept isolate the private keys from the account that is linked to them. There is no way for ElectrumSV to extract these keys for the user. The user should instead create a new account using the seed words for their hardware wallet.

The private key export option is not disabled for this hardware wallet.

Issues: #386
Commits: #1 #2

Affects some people who uses the imported private key account sending tab.

The imported private key account lacked some code that handled the case where a user did not provide destination addresses, but caused an attempt to calculate the fee on the “Send” tab. This might happen if they just clicked the “Max” amount button.

Imported private key accounts are created by pasting a private key here.

Thanks to the anonymous user from Russia who reported this error.

Issues: #390
Commits: #1

Affects people using Testnet/ScalingTestnet addresses obtained for some selected account types.

There were a few cases like imported private key accounts where the way addresses were generated did not take into account the network the user was connected to, and would assume they were Mainnet addresses.

Viewing a key shows it’s address in the form for the network ElectrumSV is connected to.

Commits: #1

Affects a few people probably depending on their graphics drivers.

One user on the Metanet.ICU slack reported graphical distortion when they changed how much space the accounts list took up compared to the tab area. Another reported that the window went black when it was resized. This is not an ElectrumSV problem, it’s an symptom of how well the UI framework Qt5 works with a user’s computer. There’s nothing we can do about it. While we will never update the ElectrumSV 1.2 code further, if we did update it, it would likely have the same problem because we would upgrade Qt5 for it as well.

However, for now we have pinned Qt5 to the version that is used in 1.2.5 and not the latest version. This should provide the same level of reliability as users experienced in 1.2.5.

Thanks to Mark Allison for reporting this.

Issues: #387

What changed before this release?

You can read more detail about bug fixes and changes, included in these.

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