ElectrumSV 1.3.0b1-multisig

Who is this useful for?

Multi-signature wallet users. A multi-signature wallet is one where more than one person has to sign a transaction, in order to send coins out of the wallet. If you are the only person involved in sending your coins, then this does not apply to you. You know if you are using one, and if you have to ask if you are, you are obviously not using one.

What is missing from this release and why?

There’s still a decent amount of user interface work to be done before we can release a full ElectrumSV 1.3.0 release. This pending work is related to making new wallets or accounts. However, the new bare multi-signature support is well tested and stable, and allows wallet owners to continue to use their multi-signature wallet past the Genesis upgrade when no-one will be able to send them funds using P2SH anymore.

How do I use it?

By default ElectrumSV 1.3.0b1-multisig will use P2SH multi-signature for the payments it makes. The user needs to alter a setting so that it uses bare multi-signature instead.

What if I use a hardware wallet?

No hardware wallet we have support for, can do any form of multi-signature other than P2SH. Hardware wallet vendors do not support ElectrumSV, or anything other than superficial use of their devices with Bitcoin SV.

How well tested is this?

It has been extensively tested, both with multi-signature wallets that use hardware wallets, and without. Any bugs that remain in related code are ones that exist in ElectrumSV 1.2.5, some of which will never be fixed because it does not make sense.

Final thoughts

Obtain this release from our official site’s download page.

A quick reality check

Remember, until the Genesis upgrade happens bare multi-signature wallets can only have three participants. If your multi-signature wallet only has two or three participants, then you should be able to start using the new form immediately. Otherwise, you may wish to create a test wallet with only two or three participants and verify for yourself how stable this release is going forward into the Genesis upgrade.

Limitations of this release

This release is not intended for people to create new wallets. In order to be able to make this release before the Genesis upgrade, it was done without finished and working wallet/account creation user interfaces. All the rest of the functionality is present however, and it should be ready to import and use pre-existing multi-signature wallets from ElectrumSV 1.2.5.



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