ElectrumSV 1.3.0

What has changed in this release?

If you don’t want to know the details, just read the titles.

Your wallet data is now stored in a database

Affects all users who need to know how to deal with their wallet files.

Wallet files are now SQLite databases.

Introduction of wallet accounts

Affects all users who need to know why wallet creation has changed.

The new wallet wizard shown when a user starts ElectrumSV.
A newly created wallet with no acount created yet.
A newly created wallet and account.
An older wallet migrated to ElectrumSV 1.3.0.

A notification center highlights important information

Affects guidance given to users on the subject of backups and seed words.

New notification center related UI elements have been added.
The message we currently display reminding users to back up their account.

Extended support for label importing and exporting

Affects anyone who used the label server extension.

Clicking the “Force download” button will result in a dialog for export.
An overview of the consequences of importing a file of labels.

Multi-signature account creation has changed

Affects anyone wanting to create a multi-signature account.

Select the “Multi-signature” option when creating an account.
Select how many signers there are, and how many signatures are needed for a transaction.
The list of co-signers to provide information for.

Limited amount of initial documentation

Affects all users who might want some information.

Final notes

The first task on the roadmap after this release is changing the user interface so it can handle multiple accounts in the same wallet. After that, we will work towards users being able to add Paymail accounts as long as they have a hosting service they can use that adheres to both our protocol and requirements.

What changed before this release?

There were a range of beta releases made on the way to ElectrumSV 1.3.0. You can read more detail about bug fixes and changes, included in these.



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