ElectrumSV 1.2.5

The best desktop wallet for Bitcoin SV.

What has changed in this release?

If you don’t want to know the details, just read the titles.

User interface changes for multi-signature wallets to provide a better post-Genesis upgrade experience

Affects existing multi-signature wallet owners, and people who might want to send to multi-signature wallets.

The multi-signature wallet owner no longer has the ability to easily give out a receiving address.
If a multi-signature wallet cannot receive funds, it cannot send change back to itself.
If someone is given a P2SH address somehow, they will not be able to pay to it.
Pre-Genesis warning for multi-signature wallet creation.
Post-Genesis warning for multi-signature wallet creation.

Fixes to coin-splitting to provide a better experience when the faucet is not working

Affects anyone who attempts to split their coins, if faucet problems are encountered.

If the user cancels the process.
If the user takes over two minutes to click the button on the faucet web page.

Other miscellaneous fixes

  • Changed the address of the testnet block explorer test.satoshi.io to testnet.satoshi.io to match the change in domain name. People, please do not change your domain names if they’re being used — or at least let us know.
  • If a wallet cannot connect to a server on startup, it might error opening the wallet window, preventing the user from accessing the wallet. This would be indicative of networking problems for the given user, and not encountered otherwise.
  • If something needed the default label (I don’t know what one is either..) for a transaction and asked for it while another transaction was being added to the wallet, it could result in the label request erroring. This was reported once for one user, and the user could likely have repeated the action and had it succeed on any given subsequent attempt.
  • If someone attempted to sign a message using a Trezor hardware wallet, it was not possible due to a long term bug. Given this was never reported, it is unlikely that anyone ever signs anything with hardware wallets.

Final thoughts

The first milestone for ElectrumSV beyond this release is 1.3.0. The primary user visible change in 1.3.0 will be a new kind of multi-signature wallet, replacing the existing P2SH in 1.2.5 and other earlier versions of ElectrumSV.

What changed before this release?

You can find even more guides to changes in earlier versions from within the following guides:



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