ElectrumSV 1.2.2

Block explorers

View the selected transaction on a block explorer.
View the selected address on a block explorer.
Setting the block explorer to use.

Exchange rates and unprofessional Kraken

Here fiat exhange rates are configured to USD from some exchange.
Screenshot of fiat values enabled.

Coin loss education

The release notes dialog.
The send warning dialog.

Coin-splitting warning

New message added to the coin-splitting dialog.

False claims from virus and malware checkers

History list icon changes

We now only show three straightforward icon states.

Balance breakdown

Use the balance breakdown to get a clearer idea of what the balance is and see the other balances.

Various bug fixes

Where you can choose to connect to a specific server, or connect to any one automatically.
Where you can see the servers you are connected to and the chain splits, if any.

Problems and warnings



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