API payment protocol


Possible protocol

Service discovery

Unfunded anonymous access

Establishing funding

API usage

Channel management

Channel operation

  1. The wallet creates a non-final prefunding transaction.
  2. The service runs a spent balance ideally less than or equal to the current prefunding.
  3. Each request from the wallet is accounted to the spent balance and a receipt returned in the response. If there are insufficient funds to complete the request, it may incur a 402 response or interrupt any streamed data.
  4. When the wallet wishes to finalise the prefunding transaction, it does so through an API on the hosting service.
  5. If the last prefunding transaction is finalised, the wallet needs to create a new one. This will ideally happen before the previous funding is completely spent to avoid 402 or more ambiguous interrupted responses.

More bits and pieces

Multiple balances?

Service discovery

Final thoughts




ElectrumSV developer

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Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

ElectrumSV developer

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